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Oilix® somatic movement is very useful:

• to release back, neck, shoulder or knee pain.
• to release stress and anxiety.
• to strengthen stability when joins are ”overmobile”.
• neutralizing the protective mechanism caused by accidents or operation.

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• to relax your feet.
• to strengthen stability and mobility.
• to get better posture.

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Oilix® somatic movement is gentle and effective massage with movement. This holistic and therapeutic massage without pain is very balancing. Oili Viskari has worked with people from Asia, European, North- and South America. She has worked with good feedback also from doctors. Very good results has occurred with people who recover from series accidents or big operations.  Rehabilitate proses has been more efficient and quicker. 

Oili Viskari ”Speaking hands” has born in Finland. She is educated as farmer, gardener, dancer and yoga teacher. She is experienced different body/mind therapies and methods for 20 years. She is entrepreneur since 15 years.

Oilix® somatic movement is very useful:

  • to release backpain, pelvis- or kneepain or dyskinesia.
  • to release stress and anxiety.
  • to improve better balance, function, alineament and bodyawareness.
  • for parkinson, paralysis, nerve system problems, asthma. 
  • Prevention and taking care of your health is always better and cheeper than cure.

What is happening during Oilix® somatic movement session?

  • interview
  • patient is laying on massagetable on his stomach or back or side lying position. Also sitting and standing position is possible.
  • with highquality touch and movements according to one’s  needs (different kind of direction, rhythm, pressure, spiral, waves, small or big movements).
  • checking the result so that client also recognize it and could remind it by himself.
  • teach the client how he can help himself efficiently during dailylife.

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